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From: Secret Dreamer
Subject: Fall Down and Smile - 2Hey all! I know, it took me awhile but I'm back and flapping free :0) Yes,
I know. I'm a dork. Anyways, I must say, OMG! Thank you to EVERYONE whose
written me about the story :o) So far there have been no complaints so I'm
gonna take that as a good sign hehe. Anyways. I hope you enjoy this tennie lolita nude movies little
chapter I've concocted. Don't forget to e-mail.
Chapter 2
"All that surrounds you are secrets and lies."
By: Secret Dreamer little lolita angles bbs I was going home. The spring semester was finally over. Of course,
I couldn't leave before showing Dawn around campus. ******* "Jonathan!" I growled, eyeing him as he flipped through my CD
collection. What can I say? I'm a complete music freak. "Yes?" he smiled sweetly. "Give me back my Aerosmith CD and then you can borrow something.
Until then," I snapped the plastic case shut. "You're no fun," he grumbled, taking a seat on my striped bed. "So
when is Dawn gonna get here?" he inquired. "Any little nude lolita boys minute now." "How's Gretchen?" he asked with a bit of annoyance in his voice. "I didn't tell you?" "Tell me what? Oh! Did a house fall on her?" "No," I laughed, although it wasn't a bad idea. "We broke up. Well,
she broke up with me." "So the wicked bitch is gone?" I nodded. "Hooray! little young lolita picture Are you okay?"
he pulled me into a hug. "Yeah. Jono, was she always a bitch and I was too blind to see?" "No," he stroked my hair. "She used to be as sweet as you.
Something changed in her though." "I noticed." "Maybe she's on crack." "Somehow I doubt that." "You never know," he said in a sing-song tone as there was a knock
on the door. I opened it, ready to adolescent nude lolita galleries embrace Dawn when I saw it was Emmy. "What can I do for you, Emiline?" "I'm nervous." "About?" "How I did on my finals." I looked at her and blinked, completely
dumbfounded. "I'm sure you did fine," I reasoned. "I don't think I did," she remarked, pushing her way into the room.
"I think I really screwed up on my American History final. I think I put
down 1986 instead of 1886 and 1457 instead of 1492 and I think I wrote
'Erik' instead of 'Columbus'," she would've kept on rambling if I hadn't
slapped her. "Calm down!" I ordered with a chuckle. "Get some girlfriends
together, rent some Jim Carrey movies, and get all the junk food your heart
desires and I guarantee you'll forget all about your finals." "Thanks Iya," she grinned, giving me a quick, lingering hug and
left. "She likes you," Jonathan grinned after she had left. I looked at
him. "I'm her RA." "So? My RA was a hottie! Man his ass was mm. You should've seen the
look in her eye! She's so wanting to get into your pants." "Jonathan?" "Yes dear?" "Shut up." "Yes dear." "I really hope that's the last advisee I have to deal with today,"
I yawned and fell onto my bed. "It's you're last, I just hope I'm sufficient company." I knew that
voice. "Dawn! You made it!" "Of course, Muffin!" We exchanged hugs. Her skin was still
blissfully soft. I hoped that never changed. When we parted I introduced
her to Jonathan. "Nice to meet you," she smiled. "Likewise. I'll leave you two to you're girlie things. Bye dear,"
he kissed my cheek and gave Dawn another hug. "Boyfriend?" she asked when he left. I just looked at her and
laughed. ******* We had explored most of campus before ending up on the patio
outside of the Creamery, dripping ice cream cones in our hands. "Are you excited about New York?" I asked. "Oh yeah! I've always wanted to live there and I'll be closer to
you," she grinned. Warning! Warning! "Yeah," I swallowed. "Went there once, it was pretty cool." "Hey Iya?" "Hmm?" "You're off for the summer, right?" I nodded. "Why?" "When do you graduate?" "Um, if all goes well, January. Why?" I pressed. "I need a room mate." I almost spit ice cream all over her peach
face. "Mmhmm." "And since you like New York I thought you'd be it," she grinned,
quite pleased with her suggestion. Personally I was in shock. I hardly
knew her, more importantly she hardly knew me! Move in together? Wasn't
that something couples do? We weren't a couple. She didn't even know I was
gay! I wanted to hit my head repeatedly against the table. "That would be cool," I responded slowly. It really was a neat
idea. I really liked her. "You hate it," she moaned. "No! It's a good idea." "Than you'll move in?" "Aren't we going a little fast?" "Fast?" she laughed. "Iya it's not like we're in a relationship!"
I felt my stomach twist. Of course not. That was the defining moment, she
wasn't interested. Well, she was interested in my friendship and that was
it. I need to tell her. "Dawn?" "Yeah Muffin?" "There's something I should probably tell you." "Go ahead, sugar." Why all the nicknames? They were practically pet
names! "Gretchen, was my girlfriend." "Like, best friend?" I had to laugh. lola top 50 cp "No. As in boyfriend in female form. I'm gay." Her mouth dropped
to the table. I tried to read her expression and her eyes but it was
proving harder by the mintue. Please say something! I mentally pleaded
with her. "Why didn't you tell me!?" she screamed. Well, that was something. "Never came up and I figured you should know if I was gonna move in
with you, if the offer is still open." "I can't believe you didn't tell!" she continued to rant. "If I had
known in California I would've.." "Would've what?" I was getting slightly angry myself. "Would've
cursed at me and told me I was going to hell? Would've treated me like
some animal in a cage? Used me for some sick pleasure?" "Iya shut up!" she ordered. "Why should I!?" "So I can do this," she placed her soft hands on my cheeks and
pulled her lips to mine. My eyes became wide with disbelief. Slowly I got
into it and returned the kiss. When we pulled away she blushed. "Um .. I um." She laughed. "I'm bi-sexual." "Well I kinda figured," I rolled my eyes with sarcasm in my voice.
She laughed and slid her arm through mine. "Shall we continue the tour?" she started walking. I pulled her
back. "Dawn, we need to settle this?" "Settle what?" "This," I pointed to her and back at myself. "Does this mean you
like me?" "I thought the kiss was pretty clear," she remarked. "A kiss can mean a lot of things, Dawn." "Fine. I love you. Happy now?" I was completely taken aback. "You love me?" I squeaked. "Yes. You're all I've been able to think about day in and day out
the past couple of weeks. I have dreams about us being together and having
a family. You're everything I've been looking for in a person." "You love me?" "Yes. Do you?" "I can't say I love you. But I do like you a lot. I've thought
about you a lot, too. Jonathan is sick of hearing stories about you but
there are lots of things you don't know about me, Dawn." "And there are a lot of things you don't know about me, either.
But that's what relationships are for, to strengthen knowledge of the
other. adolescent nude lolita galleries To know each other in and out. No pun intended." "I'm not sure if I'm ready for a relationship." "I was pretty sure of that but a girl can dream right," she gave me
a soft smile. I hugged her and kissed her forehead. "I wish you knew how wonderful you were," I told her. "Will you move in then?" she asked. "Yeah." "That's all I ask," she sighed and kissed my cheek. "I don't
really feel like walking around anymore." "Me neither." We walked back to the dorm in an awkward silence.
Deep inside I wanted to hold her and kiss her and have a life with her, yet
there was something that wouldn't let me. I watched the sun set in the sky
as we walked into the building and rode the elevator to the 3rd floor.
"So, how big is this apartment?" I asked, trying to break the silence. "It's really nice. Two bedroom, two the ultimate loli bbs
bath, cute kitchen and the
living loli preteen child models room has a balcony," she explained. I nodded as I fumbled with my
keys before opening my dorm room. My bags and boxes were strewn about the
room. "I have to put some of this in University storage," I explained.
She nodded and sat down on the bed. I sat down next to her and took her
hands in mine. "You okay?" "No," she muttered. "This is so difficult." I nodded. She turned
and looked at me. A tear slid down her cheek. "Please don't cry," I whispered, wiping it away with my thumb. She
took a deep breath and smiled. "I'm fine. Let's put this stuff in storage." She got up and
picked up one of the boxes. "Where to?" "Downstairs," I led her down to the storage room. There were only
5 boxes so it was done quickly and my bags were packed into her car. I
sighed and took one last look around my dorm room. "Iya!" Emmy came running down the hallway. "Hey Em," I smiled at her bouncy nature. "I'm having a movie bash tonight, wanna come?" "I can't Em," I told her. "Why?!" she shrieked. "I'm leaving tonight." "Leaving?!" "I'm staying in New York over the summer until Fall semester."
Emmy's chin quivered lightly. God, please don't let her cry too. "A-are you gonna be the RA next year?" she squeaked. I shrugged. "I don't know." "You'll definitely be back in the fall?" "I plan on it. Unless something else happens." "What do you mean 'if something else happens'?" She demanded. "Life is full of surprises," I said, looking back at Dawn who had
just stepped off of the elevator. Emmy looked past me and her eyes focused
on Dawn. Her lips pursed in a thin line, anger lines pressed her forehead. "It's because of her isn't it?" I looked her in the eye. "Emiline Ray stop acting like a spoiled little child." Her mouth
opened and shut. "I've been listening to you're petty problems all year
and frankly, I'm sick of it!" Dawn was now at my side, her hand on my
upper arm. "Iya," she warned in a soothing voice. Emmy looked at Dawn. "Who are you?" she demanded. "Dawn Reed, nice to meet you." "Are you her lover?" I wanted to slap Emmy across the face. She
was completely out of line. I turned to Dawn. "Let's go," I whispered and turned to the elevator, pushing the
down button. "Don't walk away from me, Iya Moon," Emmy threatened. "Or what? You'll tell the University about me. Newsflash, Emmy,
it's 2000. I can do anything I damn the ultimate loli bbs
well please," I retorted and stepped
into the elevator with Dawn behind me. She pushed the 'door close' button. "You okay?" she asked, running her hand across my back. I nodded.
"C'mere." She wrapped her arms around me and put my head on her shoulder.
I sighed. "Maybe I'll just finish my novel this summer and forget about
coming back next semester," I laughed bitterly. "Is that what you wanna do?" she asked. "I do," I nodded against her. "Than do it."Dah! Dah! Dah! What's going to happen this summer while Dawn and Iya live
together in NYC? Will a relationship blossom between the two or will they
remain close friends?Hope you enjoyed Ch. 2 :)
Don't forget to smile,
Secret Dreamer
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